New Beginnings – The job hunt begins

This is a blog about being unemployed. It’s been six months and still I feel the weight of that term loaded as it is with meaning both real and imagined. It is also a blog about finding a new beginning in a competitive job market, techniques and advice from my own search. My intention is to help others in similar situations find their next position as quickly as they can.

Why have I decided to write this? I have many reasons, not least;

  1. This has without doubt been one of the most stressful and difficult times of my life; I put it up there with divorce such is the roller coaster of emotion. Everything is heightened because not only is this all about you but being jobless comes with a stack of other concerns and emotions. Much of this will depend on your personal circumstances and family situation of course. Here is a small sample to be getting along with; Money, Self Image, Self Worth, Confidence, Fear, Social Pressures, Expat issues, Tax & Debts, Relationships – the list frankly could go on.
  2. I am not alone; over the months I have met people either in a similar situation to me or recently starting new roles having been unemployed for a period. I hope this might provide some support or ideas for anyone who might be searching for some support or answers. I know the value of not becoming isolated during this time and if I can only help one person then I will feel justified.
  3. Frankly, there is an element of self help in this; I am doing this for myself, to keep creative and also to never forget this time or the learnings I have gleaned.
  4. Job hunting is becoming I believe increasingly difficult; despite the wonderful technologies that make our world a smaller place and communication so instantly available. There are, however, techniques, skills and tips I believe I can offer that can make a significant difference. I will cover these in detail in the coming posts. I also believe them to be universal and not specific to any type of role or level of seniority.

The Author

I am not sure whether to say anything about myself at this stage to add context or some understanding of the journey I have experienced. On the one hand I feel it is unnecessary partly because just as with a CV, you are not your profile. It would be all to easy for a reader to categorise me or my experience by thinking that my experience or profile is not relevant to theirs. I am wary of this and the assumptions that might be made, recruiters after all have been making similar judgements on me all along, which is of course deeply frustrating. All that said on the other hand why should you read or take advice from me at all? Suffice to say I have had many positions in my career and I have held positions where I have been the hiring manager myself. I also have some experience of the recruitment industry and I am ultimately a sales person. The last point I think is critical because whatever your position, experience, profession, my first advice is that you immediately think of your job hunt within the context and setting of sales. I am sure that has turned off a few readers straight away! But bear with me a little further……

Selling yourself

Sounds strange right? but be under no illusion that is what you have to do now. Let’s demystify that a little because the reality needn’t be as daunting as that sounds. All this means to me is that you have to know your customer and know your ‘product’. Ultimately this is what sales is in many ways. In this case the product is you and the customer is the company you hope to be interviewing at, or the senior person you have reached out to about a role or the hiring manager themselves. Sales is also about being creative, resilient and of course it is about dealing with rejection and believe me you will likely be experiencing a lot of this either directly or increasingly these days in the form of deafening silence. So cast your perceptions of sales aside and focus on those qualities and I believe I can pass on some support and guidance in subsequent posts which I sincerely hope will help you find your next position.

Until next post

Finally for now, I would love to hear from you, any suggestions, topics you want covered specifically beyond those I volunteer over the coming posts. You can follow @OpenCandidate and I will add other Social Media..maybe..

Be strong, be positive. This circumstance is not you and it won’t define you.

Best OpenCandidate.

“Be Positive, Patient and Persistent” – Banksy


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